Dispenser SKiRT-L1/BOX is intended for fueling vehicles and machines
by diesel or other fuels with a flash point above 55 °C.

SKIRT electronic counter-L1 controls access of persons and vehicles authorized
for refueling. The authorization shall be used in electronic keys, plus any
transaction could be protected by PIN number. Depending on the configuration of authentication
may be one or two-element. With the authorization of a two-element distribution
necessarily requires the key of driver and of the vehicle.
None of this prevents the refuelings. Dispenser supports up to 1000 keys.

Refueling information is stored in memory with a capacity of 700 refuelings
without the need to communicate with your computer. Data can be transferred to a computer by cable
or by radio (including cellular). Transfer data to computer cleaning memory of a dispenser and prepares it for subsequent registration of refuelings.

Technical parameters

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